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ZEC is an education agent company that assists the international students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. We strongly believe that education is the gateway to have a better future and everyone should have a fair chance to experience high-quality education. With this vision in mind, our team strives to create good opportunities for genuine education seekers. ZEC’s first priority is the best interest of our international students and partner universities & institutions in Malaysia. We assure students and our business partners a reliable, timely and professional service as we maintain high standards in our work through ethical observation, moral and personal values. .

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Students on their visa applications


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English Centers & Universities Application Guidance.

We student-guide and advise international students who are looking for universities in Malaysia to further their studies. International students are reassured that ZEC will deliver promised results by providing the list of universities or English centers which suit to their budget, lifestyle, and interests. Through our career counseling, international students will fully understand the right path in education, career, and life decision.

ZEC also provides airport pickup service for those international students who have been successfully obtained their entry clearance. We will drive them to their chosen hostel and provide 2-day free tour in order to get familiar with the new environment.

Foreign students have a large range of accommodation options from which to choose and valuable opportunity for social interaction amongst international housemates. Hence, students should put thought into choosing the option that best fits their needs. ZEC considers proximity to the campus, transportation, restaurants and the most important thing is safety. It’s always good to live in an area where students feel secure at all times